Since 1983, Carolina Sunshine for Children has granted nearly 800 Wishes for children with uncertain futures.  The Wishes for the children served by Carolina Sunshine are as diverse as the children themselves.  Some simply want to go to Best Buy or to a mall on a shopping spree; some want computers; some want clothes; some want to attend a professional ball game; while others want to go to Disney World or other travel destinations.  When a Wish is granted, the entire family gets to participate and all expenses are paid.  Our goal is to take the child and the family away from the stress of their daily life and allow them to enjoy life for a little while.

    The most requested Wish by far is a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  For these children, we are able to offer some really special things.  They stay at Give Kids the World, a facility maintained by a Florida charity that is very unique and is designed for children with special medical needs.  Once they are settled into their private villa, everyone in the family receives a ‘Complimentary Ticket’ which includes two days at Disney, two days at Universal Theme Park and a day at SeaWorld.   Give Kids the World also provides them with everything else they need to enjoy their week’s stay, including pizza and ice cream all day.

    Other types of Wishes recently granted by our organization include: WWE Wrestling Events, electronics, home entertainment centers, swing sets, bedroom furniture, musical instruments and swimming pools. 

   The smile on a child’s face when their Wish is granted is truly a most wonderful sight to behold!


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